Juju-deployer: Turn your Juju environment into a repeatable deployment.

A quick saturday night post.

Often the process of preparing a Juju environment is not a one step task, you start by adding services, configuring them, relating and then horinzontally scaling by adding more units. Once you feel comfortable with your deployment, you would like to repeat it even in different providers.

Juju deployer is a tool for defining a deployment via a bundle YAML and deploy it via a really nice command-line interface. This tool has become almost the de-facto standard for deploying OpenStack and other large service sets.

One issue is if you already have a running environment, or manually added and configured services and wants to share your deployment or make it repeteable.

I did write a simple plugin for making this migration process less tedious and auto-generate bundles (YAML formatted) usable for juju-deployer.

It is already on github Juju deployerizer , in a nutshell

$ pip install juju-deployerizer
$ juju deployerizer --environment local --output local-filename.yaml

From this point you can start making changes to your YAML file and using it with juju-deployer for repeating your deployments.

Jorge Niedbalski

Dev and Ops , and might be the opposite.

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